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Make a Difference Today. Become a Member of The Arc Mid-Hudson. The Arc Mid-Hudson is a private not-for-profit agency founded by families in Ulster, Greene and Putnam Counties who believed that their children with disabilities should have the same opportunities as their peers. Supporting 1,800 people from preschool through adulthood, our mission is “To empower people with intellectual and other developmental disabilities to achieve and experience the highest quality of life.” We are guided by the core values of respect, integrity, compassion and excellence.

The Arc Mid-Hudson believes each person is unique. We provide individualized services to every person, featuring a broad range of innovative and effective programs designed to foster independence, productivity and participation in community life. With over 1,700 employees, The Arc Mid-Hudson is one of the largest employers in the area. The Arc Mid-Hudson is NYSARC, Inc., Ulster, Greene, Putnam Counties Chapter.

The Arc Mid-Hudson is made up of children and adults, family members and friends.

Our goals are all the same… LIVE LIFE TO IT’S FULLEST POTENTIAL!

Your Membership means power in numbers. The more members we have, the louder our voice is in advocacy efforts, and the stronger we are in our ability to make things happen.

Your Membership lets us know you care. Community awareness is a big result of membership and you will receive updates, Arc events and news on related legislation at both the local and national levels.

Your Membership means connections. It forms a network of people who share the same goal of creating society-wide acceptance for children and adults with developmental disabilities.

Your Membership means support. When you become a member, your tax-deductible gift helps to off-set the cost of operating our excellent programs and services.


Board of Governors

(information taken from NYSARC Inc. and its 54 chapters are governed by a 145-member Board of Governors. Chapters receive representatives to the board based on one governor for the first 300 members, a second for 300 to 1,000 members and additional governors for each significant fraction of 1,000 members, up to six governors (please see chart below).

Members Number of Representatives
1 – 300 1
301 – 1500 2
1501 – 2500 3
2501 – 3500 4
3501 – 4500 5
4501 – 5500 6


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