Our Mission

Our Mission

The Arc Mid-Hudson Foundation engages people who care about the quality of life for individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities through education, giving opportunities and events.


Our Vision

The Arc Mid-Hudson Foundation is a powerful community of supporters determined to strengthen The Arc Mid-Hudson’s initiatives and advocacy.


Our Values

The Arc Mid-Hudson Foundation believes in the ability and value of every individual The Arc of Mid-Hudson supports and works on their behalf via the following principles:

Integrity: We compel each other to be credible, honest and reliable, thereby assuring a high degree of accountability to all.

Passion: Soul and compassion motivate us; commitment and teamwork focus us; collaboration and innovation advance us.

Honoring: Respect for our supporters, our recipients, and one another allows every person to flourish and contribute.

Awareness: Through outreach, relationship building, positivity and community interaction, we foster understanding and appreciation.