Board of Directors and Staff


Jonathan Kaplan, President

Gerard Gretzinger, Vice President

Verna Lomax, Secretary & Treasurer


Merriam Boening*

Victoria Davide

Katy Dwyer

Francine Gretzinger

Cheryl Hobart

John McHugh

Susan Lucas

Brenda Niles

Patrick Oji

Tom Paradise*

Diana Lou Wolff

Agency Board Liaison:

Bob Boening*

Mark Storch*

Foundation Staff:

Krystal Huettinger, Finance Manager

Lori McCabe, Sr. Director of Communications & Development

Kelly Wright, Events and Communication Manager

Lauren Yaro, Communications and Foundation Coordinator

Of Counsel:

Linda Gomes, Cheif of Legal Affairs and Personnel Management

*Family member of person(s) who receive support from The Arc Mid-Hudson.